Georgia has 10 years of experience working with children young people and adults in a variety of mental health and educational settings. Her Psychology BSc and Masters in Child Development have fed into her naturally empathetic and reflective approach to teaching.
Georgia has delivered workshops for organisations such as Eko Magazine, Community Focus Inclusive Arts, the Red Cross, The National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh Printmakers, Art Buds Collective and The National Trust as well as in independent primary schools.
Georgia's technical skills mean she is able to work with students' artwork to create complex and sophisticated images, which reflect their ideas and creativity. 
She has worked on community projects and carried out research surrounding the use of picture-book making as a well-being tool. She believes that stories can be powerful way of processing complex emotions and so that young people understand themselves and circumstances more fully, which in turn has an impact on self esteem. 
Cover (Above) and Images (below) created in collaboration with students for community project, a novel aimed at young people about the autistic experience. 
Jubilee Illustration Workshop at Bickley Park School
The Cat that Couldn't:
Picture book Research Project exploring the relationship of storytelling and dyslexia. 
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